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Team Obama is spinning to covering up the truth. The administration claims the attack on the US embassy in Libya was “spontaneous” and “not protesting US policy, American people or the administration.” The Libyan president contradicts these claims and said the administration was given a warning 48-hours prior to the attack. Instead of focusing on Obama skipping the majority of his intelligence briefings, the liberal media attacked Mitt Romney’s words instead of asking why Team Obama ignored these warning and failed to provide security of US diplomats.

The cover-up continues. Now the State Department is asking journalist to stop asking questions about the attack and lack of security at the US embassy. Why would the administration allow his adviser, Valerie Jarrett,  to have full-protection from the Secret Service but failed to make sure our US ambassador was protect by US Marines?

It’s never about the crime, it’s the cover-up!

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Now why is Team Obama trying to suppress our military members from voting early? Think it has anything to do with the majority of service members being conservative?

From Bloomberg:

President Barack Obama’s campaign organization asked a U.S. appeals court to uphold a lower-court ruling that found Ohio’s early-voting laws unconstitutional.

The campaign said the laws, which give Ohioans in the military and living overseas three more early-voting days than other people, impose a significant burden on the right to vote.

“Making it more difficult for people to vote serves no public purpose,” Donald J. McTigue, a lawyer with Obama for America, wrote in a Sept. 17 brief filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

Challenges to laws Democrats say will widely disenfranchise citizens, such as voter-list purges, early-voting curbs and photo-identification mandates, are pending in Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa,Florida and Ohio.

Many of these laws are being contested in states where both Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns see possible victories in November.

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Well, this was one of Obama’s goal.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Coal producer Alpha Natural Resources said Tuesday it was cutting production by 16 million tons and eliminating 1,200 jobs companywide, including 400 with the immediate closing of mines in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The mine shutdowns start Tuesday, while the rest of the layoffs will be completed by the end of the first quarter after Alpha fulfills current sales obligations, Chief Executive Officer Kevin Crutchfield said. In all, the layoffs amount to nearly a tenth of Alpha’s 13,000-person work force.

Alpha said it is closing four mines in West Virginia, three in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania. They are a mix of deep and surface mines. All the mines being closed are non-union operations.

Alpha didn’t immediately name the mines because it wanted to inform all the workers first.

Though some miners will stay on to seal the operations, most will either be reassigned or laid off immediately.

Support positions will also be cut proportionally as Alpha reduces its operating regions from four to two, Crutchfield said, and two executives will retire Nov. 1. It wasn’t immediately what other states would be affected by the layoffs.

Crutchfield called it “a difficult day,” but said the shutdowns and layoffs are a necessary part of ensuring Alpha survives in what has become a difficult U.S. market, where coal companies face a dual challenge: Power plants are shifting to cheap, abundant natural gas, while companies like his face “a regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal.”

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These are the anti-constitutionalist Obama has appointed to run the corrupt DOJ. This question is important considering those on the left are attempting to stop free speech. Remember, the Obama regime wanted YouTube, owned by Google, to take down a video mocking the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Assistant AG Thomas Perez is the same one involved in the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case that was dropped.

Read more about this story over at HotAir

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The $500 plus billion in corporate welfare Obama gave to Solyndra, then went bankrupt unavailable for comment.

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Eric Holder was an Obama bundler and got the job as Obama’s top law enforcement officer. Media Matters is funded by George Soros, an Obama donor and Obama’s boss. So it’s not shocking that the corrupt DOJ would be using corrupt Media Matters to spin their lies.

From Daily Caller:

Internal Department of Justice emails obtained by The Daily Caller show Attorney General Eric Holder’s communications staff has collaborated with the left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America in an attempt to quell news stories about scandals plaguing Holder and America’s top law enforcement agency.

Dozens of pages of emails between DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers show Schmaler, Holder’s top press defender, working with Media Matters to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals. TheDC obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Emails sent in September and November 2010 show Schmaler working with Media Matters staffer Jeremy Holden on attacking news coverage of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation scandal.

Holden attacked former DOJ Civil Rights Division attorneys J. Christian Adams and Hans von Spakovsky on Sept. 20, 2010 for what he called an attempt “to reignite the phony New Black Panther Party scandal.”

Before Holden posted his article at 7:52 p.m., Schmaler sent him several emails with information helping him attack both former DOJ oficials.

“Here’s one Wolf letter,” read the subject of one email Schmaler sent Holden that contained no text. The email was likely a reference to Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf, a member of Congress who led the Republican charge on the New Black Panther Party scandal involving alleged voter intimidation at a November 2008 polling place in Philadelphia.

In response, Holden told Schmaler that “The response to interog 38 is particularly helpful. Thanks!”

Interrogatory 38 was a reference to a question from Congress that the Justice Department answered, concerning the role of several senior officials in discussing litigation related to that voter intimidation case.

A follow-up email shows Schmaler sending Holden more information.

“[H]ere’s another one to Smith,” Schmaler wrote. “[I]t’s about perrelli contact with w. WH. helpful in that it makes clear perrelli didn’t have discussions w/ WH on the case (obviously confirming he knew of it) … but also illustrates [REDACTED] they’ve tried to throw up that won’t stick[.]”

Holden responded at 8:34 p.m. — three hours after Schmaler sent her first email at 5:34 — to say, “Post is live, FWIW [for what it's worth]. Thanks again.”

Nearly two months later, on Nov. 18, 2010, Holden wrote a new blog post he described as an “EXCLUSIVE,” titled “Right-wing commission to vote on flawed New Black Panthers report.”

“The conservative-dominated U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will vote Friday on an interim report that omits critical evidence disproving allegations that the Obama administration refuses to enforce voting-rights laws against racial minorities, according to Media Matters’ analysis of a copy of the report we obtained,” Holden wrote in the Nov. 18 article.

Holden attacked Adams again, and Christopher Coates — another now-former DOJ attorney.

After Holden published that piece, Schmaler sent him an email titled “Great piece…” and continuing in the body of the message, “On USCCR investigation.’” One minute later, Holden responded, writing, “Thanks!”

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Since Obama’s election everything is based on lowered expectations.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign doesn’t want to talk about what the Democrat is doing to prepare for the fall debates with Republican Mitt Romney. But aides are readily setting expectations — and not surprisingly, they want to keep them low for Obama while raising the stakes for Romney.

“While Mitt Romney has done 20 debates in the last year, he has not done one in four years, so there certainly is a challenge in that regard,” Jennifer Psaki, Obama’s campaign spokeswoman, said of the president on Monday.

It’s hard to run or debate a failed record.

With Obama edging slightly ahead of Romney in public polling seven weeks from Election Day, the three October debates could be one of the Republicans’ best opportunities to break through with voters. But the high-profile events are just as crucial for Obama, who was an uneven debater during the 2008 Democratic primaries.

Obama’s ahead due to the polls that over-sample Democrats and under-sample Republicans and Independents.

In that way, some of the Obama campaign’s tactical lowering of expectations is also rooted in the truth. Aides say the structured — and time-limited — nature of the debates isn’t a natural fit for Obama, who often is long-winded when answering questions during news conferences or town hall-style meetings.

Not to mention his documented long-winded lying habits. Not to mention Obama won’t have the aid of someone punching in the words for him to say on the teleprompter.

Obama’s campaign purposely has been vague about how he is getting ready for the debates and aides refused to discuss details of his preparations publicly.

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CNN is worried about the upcoming monthly jobs report and is already making excuses for Obama.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — As it drags on for a second week, the Chicago teachers strike is so large it could distort national economic statistics, including the Labor Department’s key monthly jobs report.

About 26,000 teachers and support staff are striking in Chicago,demanding higher pay, better job security and changes to a new evaluation system.

The strike’s timing is key, in that it coincides with the period in which the government collects data for the national jobs report.

Last month, that report showed theeconomy added only 96,000 jobs. The number was seen as weak, posing a challenge for President Obama as he faces re-election.

September’s report could look far worse if the strike continues.

Every month, the Labor Department surveys 141,000 employers throughout the country during the week that includes the 12th. While the Labor Department does not release the names of the companies, CNNMoney has confirmed independently that Chicago Public Schools — the third largest school district in the country — is included in the sample.

So if the Labor Dept. doesn’t disclose, how does CNN know?

Employers surveyed respond to simple questions. For example, how many employees were on their payroll during the current pay period? How many hours did they work? What wages did they earn?

In the case of Chicago Public Schools, teachers are paid on a biweekly schedule. The current pay period started September 9 and runs through this Saturday, September 22. The teachers that are striking are not receiving any pay from the school district during that time, unless they report back to work.

is Chicago Public Schools attempting to hire? Do they plan on mass layoffs? Are these parasitic teachers drawing unemployment as they demand higher pay and better benefits? Since when did not receiving pay designate someone as unemployed?

“Only [Chicago Teachers Union] members who we can confirm reported to work during the strike will be paid by CPS during that time frame,” said Marielle Sainvilus, a spokeswoman for the school district.

If the teachers don’t go back to work by the end of the week, they will be recorded as out of work for the entire pay period. That could subtract roughly 26,000 jobs from the national jobs report.

That shouldn’t hurt the 500,00o jobs per month Biden promised.

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