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So the radical whose Department was responsible for changing scientific reports to support the illegal drilling moratorium and who was held in contempt by a federal judge is finally stepping down. He will just be replaced by another Obama radical so nothing to clap about.

From Politico:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is ending months of speculation about his future and will step down by the end of March.

The Denver Post first reported the news early Wednesday, and Salazar made the news official just before 10 a.m.

“Colorado is and will always be my home,” said Salazar, who previously represented the state in the Senate. He added: “I have had the privilege of reforming the Department of the Interior to help lead the United States in securing a new energy frontier, ushering in a conservation agenda for the 21st century, and honoring our word to the nation’s first Americans.”

The White House quickly issued a statement from President Barack Obama praising Salazar and saying he had “played an integral role in my administration’s successful efforts to expand responsible development of our nation’s domestic energy resources.

He helped keep America dependent on foreign oil thanks to their anti-drilling agenda and war on coal.

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History repeating itself!!!

History repeating itself!!!

Hitler spoke about using children for propaganda. Guess Obama read Mein Kampf and loves that tactic.

From The Hill:

President Obama called Wednesday for Congress to approve new bans on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips in response to a string of deadly mass shootings.

“If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if even one life can be saved, we have an obligation to try,” Obama said.

At a White House event where Obama was flanked by children who had written letters of sympathy to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, the president unveiled an expansive plan that includes legislation and 23 “executive actions” the White House said could be put into place immediately.

Obama asked Congress to reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban and to impose a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines. He also called on Congress to require criminal background checks for all gun sales.

Weapons designed for the theater of war have no place in a movie theater,” Obama said. “A majority of Americans agree with us on this.”

Americans do not have “weapons designed for the theater of war.” The rifles used in these killings are semiautomatic. Weapons designed for our military are automatics that fire unlimited bullets for as long as the trigger is pulled. This is the propaganda the left use to lie to the low-information voters.

The president also asked Congress to approve a law against so-called “straw purchasing” of guns, toughen gun trafficking laws, and authorize new funding for gun violence research, mental health efforts, and a program that would place mental health counselors and police officers in schools. 

To bad he didn’t do this in 2009 during the Fast & Furious operation where his administration allow straw purchases to smuggle thousands of “assault weapons” to the Mexican drug cartels. 3000 plus innocent Mexican citizens would still be alive. Shhh, the media doesn’t want these facts to get out. Also, it looks like Obama agrees with Bill Clinton and the NRA by calling for armed protection for children.

In total, the White House estimates that the president’s requests would total “in the neighborhood” of $500 million in the coming fiscal year.

Deficit just jumped another $500 million.

The extensive proposals do not include any calls for restrictions on video games or violent films, which some have argued are a contributing factor, although the White House did designate some federal dollars for the study of violence in media.

Come on now. Obama can’t hurt an industry that overwhelmingly donated to get him elected.

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WARNING TO LIBERALS: This video contains too much common sense and may cause your liberal pea-brain to explode. You’ve been warned!

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The most corrupt administration in US history.

WASHINGTON — Federal immigration agents were prepared to arrest an illegal immigrant and registered sex offender days before the November elections but were ordered by Washington to hold off after officials warned of “significant interest” from Congress and news organizations because the suspect was a volunteer intern for Sen. Robert Menendez, according to internal agency documents provided to Congress.

The Homeland Security Department said last month, when The Associated Press first disclosed the delayed arrest of Luis Abrahan Sanchez Zavaleta, that AP’s report was “categorically false.”

Sanchez, 18, was an immigrant from Peru who entered the country on a now-expired visitor visa. He eventually was arrested at his home in New Jersey on Dec. 6. He has since been released from an immigration jail and is facing deportation. Sanchez has declined to speak to the AP.

After the AP story, which cited an unnamed U.S. official involved in the case, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa and six other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked the Obama administration for details about the incident.

According to those documents, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Newark had arranged to arrest Sanchez at the local prosecutor’s office on Oct. 25. That was fewer than two weeks before the election.

Noting that Sanchez was a volunteer in Menendez’s Senate office, ICE officials in New Jersey advised that the arrest “had the possibility of garnering significant congressional and media interest” and were “advised to postpone the arrest” until officials in Washington gave approval. The documents describe a conference call between officials Washington and New Jersey to “determine a way forward, given the potential sensitivities surrounding the case.”

The senators, in a letter to the Homeland Security Department, said the agency documents showed that Sanchez’s arrest “was delayed by six weeks,” as AP had reported. They asked for details about the department’s review of potentially sensitive, high profile immigration cases when arrests are delayed.

Couldn’t have this arrest causing a Senate seat loss for the Democrats so it was delayed. Of course the administration denies this despite the evidence.

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Maybe they should build a fence? Naaa…that would stop them from crossing the border. Maybe they should sign a petition asking Obama to stop illegally trafficking assault weapons and while at it ask him to remove that executive privilege so Americans and Mexicans will know the truth about Fast & Furious.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — More than 54,000 Mexicans have signed a petition calling on the United States to take further steps to combat weapons trafficking.

Mexico says the majority of guns used by the country’s violent drug cartels are smuggled over the border from the United States.

With Obama and Eric Holder’s help.

Mexico’s best-known anti-violence activist and a prominent intellectual presented the petition at the U.S. embassy Monday.

Activist Javier Sicilia said “The United States is partly responsible for our humanitarian tragedy.”

Mexico is a strict gun control country yet has a higher murder (27,199) rate than the US (11,000), who has the most guns of any country. So, please left-wingers, tell us again how gun control works.

About 70,000 people have died in Mexico in drug violence since 2006, according to the written copy of a speech presented by Mexico’s interior secretary in December.

Before the activists presented their petition, President Barack Obama said Monday he would present a new U.S. gun control plan within days.

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Won't waste this crisis boss.

Won’t waste this crisis boss.

So the Mayor of Chicago, which has the strictest gun control laws on top of being one of the liberal murder capitals of the US, wants to give his “insights” to the gun control debate. Maybe Rahm should get control of his own backyard before going national. Just a thought.

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -A fatal gas station shooting involving a man found near the Eisenhower Expressway comes as Mayor Emanuel goes to Washington to push for gun control measures.

How did the strict gun control measure help those 500 plus that were murdered in Chicago?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has ordered an analysis of Chicago’s city employee pension funds to see if they hold companies that make or sell assault weapons. If so, he wants them sold.

Typical “pro-choice” liberal. Punish companies for the actions of an individual. Liberals hate personal responsibility.

Emanuel spoke on Monday in Washington about his support for new gun control measures. He participated in a panel with the Center for American Progress Action Fund to talk about his role in getting the Assault Weapons Ban passed in 1994, when he was senior adviser to President Clinton.

The felon, George Soros, funds CAP and is pushing the anti-2nd Amendment brigade. Those unarmed Jews know all about Soros, who turned them over to the Nazis.

The mayor spoke on the political lessons learned during the passage of that bill and how the dialogue in Washington D.C. needs to shift in order to enact legislation to reduce gun violence.

He says legislation should focus on limiting criminal access to guns. Separately his office announced that Emanuel ordered the pension fund analysis as a “first step” in removing the companies from city investment plans.

Will Emanuel ask for automobile companies to be removed since, according to liberal logic, vehicles are responsible for automobile deaths and drunk driving, not an individual.

The mayor said the city shouldn’t invest in companies that “profit from the proliferation of assault weapons.” The five city funds are worth more than $13.5 billion.

Emanuel said last week that he is working on a gun control ordinance for the city after an assault weapons ban stalled in the Illinois General Assembly. He is expected to introduce that ordinance at the next City Council meeting. It will include a call on city pensions and retirement fund managers to review their portfolio of investments and eliminate companies that make or sell assault weapons.

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Mission Accomplished moment

Mission Accomplished moment

The media isn’t asking Obama to retract his gassy claim that “al-Qaeda is on their heels.” They’re too busy pushing Obama’s gun control propaganda instead of informing the low-information voters that al-Qaeda is a much bigger threat under Obama’s feckless presidency.

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) – Deep inside caves, in remote desert bases, in the escarpments and cliff faces of northern Mali, Islamic extremist fighters have been burrowing into the earth, erecting a formidable set of defenses to protect what has essentially become al-Qaida’s new country.

They have used the bulldozers, earth movers and Caterpillar machines left behind by fleeing construction crews to dig what residents and local officials describe as an elaborate network of tunnels, trenches, shafts and ramparts. In just one case, inside a cave large enough to drive trucks into, they have stored up to 100 drums of gasoline, guaranteeing their fuel supply in the face of a foreign intervention, according to experts.

Now that intervention is here. On Friday, France deployed 550 troops and launched air strikes against the Islamists in northern Mali, starting battle in what is currently the biggest territory in the world held by al-Qaida and its allies. But the fighting has been harder than expected, and the extremists boast it will be worse than the decade-old struggle in Afghanistan.

“Al-Qaida never owned Afghanistan,” said former United Nations diplomat Robert Fowler, a Canadian kidnapped and held for 130 days by al-Qaida’s local chapter, whose fighters now control the main cities in the north. “They do own northern Mali.”

Al-Qaida’s affiliate in Africa – al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM- has been a shadowy presence for years in the forests and deserts of Mali, a country hobbled by poverty and a relentless cycle of hunger. Last year the terror syndicate and its allies took advantage of political instability in Mali to push out of their hiding place and into the towns, taking over an enormous territory larger than France or Texas – and almost exactly the size of Afghanistan.

The catalyst for the Islamic fighters was a military coup nine months ago by disgruntled soldiers, which transformed Mali from a once-stable nation to the failed state it is today. The fall of the nation’s democratically elected government at the hands of junior officers destroyed the military’s command-and-control structure, creating the vacuum which allowed a mix of rebel groups to move in.

After the international community debated for months over what to do, the United Nations Security Council called for a military intervention on condition that an exhaustive list of pre-emptive measures be taken, starting with training the Malian military. All that changed in a matter of hours last week, when French intelligence services spotted two rebel convoys heading south toward the towns of Segou and Mopti. Had either town fallen, many feared the Islamists would advance toward the capital, Bamako.

Over the weekend, Britain authorized sending several transport planes to bring in French troops. Other African nations have authorized sending troops, and the U.S. has pledged communications and logistical support.

Once again, Obama sided with the UN first before telling Congress.

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