Obama has already usurped Congressional authority with his executive order lust and now we learn Obama wants to usurp a Federal Court’s ruling on his lust to make America a third world county by bringing in more foreign invaders (criminal ILLEGAL immigrants….not law-abiding immigrants) and giving them ALL citizenship. Why should criminal illegal immigrants receive citizenship over those who obeyed US immigration law?

Obama and his pro-Criminal Democrats want more illegal voters than they already have.

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From The Hill:

A newly leaked internal DHS memorandum produced for an off-the-record agency conclave reveals that the Obama administration is actively planning to circumvent a federal court injunction that suspended part of last November’s deferral-based amnesty initiative. The document, apparently prepared as follow-up from a DHS “Regulations Retreat” last summer, appears sure to re-ignite concerns in Congress as well as federal judges in the Fifth Circuit. The Administration has already been criticized from the bench for handing out work permits to hundreds of thousands of deferred action beneficiaries, in direct violation of a district court’s order. With the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals deciding any day now whether to deny the Administration’s request to reverse that injunction, this public leak has come at a critical juncture for U.S. enforcement policy.

And idiot liberals well cry and scream “Obama is not a dictator”despite his illegal, unilateral actions.

Most of those who read my blog know World History and they know socialism causes pain and suffering that his failed economic system brings. Bernie Sanders admitted his willingness to tax all American (except the 49% who pay no taxes because they get it all back with the “Earned Income Tax Credit”). Does anyone think the Liberal media will jump on Bernie about his blatant lie?

Bernie has constantly stated he will pay for all the “free stuff” he is promising his idiot follower by raising taxes on 1/10th of the top 1 percent. Listen for yourself when Sanders was questioned by George Stephanopoulos on his plan.

So, do you think his idiot idiot “I want free shit for life” supporters know this fact? Highly unlikely. They are the same “give me free shit” followers of Obama. The same uninformed voters that were tricked by chants of “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can.” The same group that Prof. Gruber called  “dumb” because they have no understanding of economics or common sense.

Come on Sanders’ supporters. Defend socialism and tell us all how great it is, even though you have never lived under socialist rule or a socialist system. Prove Prof. Grubber correct.

I honestly couldn’t watch the entire Hillary Clinton testimony yesterday. None of the Democrats asked her a single question about Benghazi as they simply blamed Republicans. You know, it was the Republicans that made her lie and blame a YouTube video that was out for over a year prior to the attacks. Yep, the media is about as dumb as Hillary’s supporters.

So, what did we learn from the Benghazi committee yesterday? The big bombshell was that Hillary Clinton was proven a liar….again…and her emails to her daughter, Chelsea and the President of Egypt proved that. The liberal media claims a victory for Hillary while skipping over the fact that her emails proved she lied.

Despite that Rep. Jim Jordan provided emails Clinton sent to her daughter, Chelsea, and to the President of Egypt telling both of them that it was an “al-Qaeda like” attack on the same day of the attack, the media continues to lie to Americans. Hillary, Obama and Susan Rice lied on national television… on several occasions and the media went along with the lie. Why?

And then this:


Because the election was a few months away and it exposed another Obama lie. He lied when he declared he had “al-Qaeda on its heels” and that al-Qaeda was “decimated.” The liberal media couldn’t allow their guy to be proven a liar since they assisted in getting him elected… twice.

Since 2012, my theory has been that this is another one of Obama’s Fast & Furious gun-running schemes. Obama and Hillary signed a secret arms deal with Qatar who then sent these weapons to al-Qaeda linked Libyan rebels. The reason for the CIA operatives being there was to recapture these MPADs (shoulder-fired rocket launchers)  and these weapons were used to kill Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith.

So, the media is still covering up the facts on Benghazi and continues to hide the fact that Hillary lied. If Hillary wins, we can once again thank the media, and stupid voters (as Prof. Gruber calls them) for putting another well documented liar into the White House.

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So, the flip-flopper-in-chief flip-flops on his promise to remove all US Troops out of Afghanistan. You know, the same promise he made on Iraq. Now we live in a world where liberals change names and are calling our US Troops “advisers.” If you are in a military uniform and are carrying weapon in a war zone you are a US soldier, not an adviser. However, we know most liberal are stupid and can’t figure out the difference.

They actually believe Obama ended the war in Iraq, again proving what MIT Prof. Jonathan Gruber called them…”dumb voters.”

From USA Today:

President Obama made good on his threat to veto a $612 billion defense policy bill Thursday, bringing the fight over domestic spending into the realm of national security.

Speaking to reporters for four minutes in a rare public veto message, Obama said the bill fell “woefully short” because it kept across-the-board budget cuts in place, blocked needed military reforms and prohibited him from closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. With a pen stroke of his left hand, he sent the bill back to Congress, saying, “My message to them is simple. Let’s do this right.”

So, let’s get this straight. Both Democrats and Republicans supported this bill and passed it to Obama. Big Baby Obama then vetoes the bipartisan defense bill because it blocks him from closing down Guantanamo Bay. Obama has been hell-bent on bringing terrorist to US soil so he can give them rights just like the average US citizen is granted.

So what’s Obama’s problem? He wants more government spending…because you know adding close to $9 trillion to the National Debt just doesn’t phase this guy at all

Obama’s main objection is that the bill anticipates off-budget spending to increase the defense budget without increasing domestic spending first.

This is the same guy who complained about Bush adding $4.9 trillion to the national deficit and then goes on to spend more than the other 42 presidents combined ($19.1 and climbing). The media will make this about how Obama is showing Republicans who is boss but won’t report that it was a bipartisan bill that was passed by a 270-156 in the House and 70-27 in the Senate.

Then the idiot Obama supporters will keep claiming Republicans are “obstructionist” because they forget that Democrats have controlled at least 2/3rds of the government from 2007-2015.

The veto of the National Defense Authorization Act was an extraordinary


I’ve written about the Benghazi scandal many times before. Yet, despite the evidence I’ve collected from LIBERAL media sources, these idiots still defend Hillary, just like the Obama idiots defend the lawlessness of the Obama administration. Using liberal media sources, I will lay out the truth.

The Obama administration secretly sold arms to Qatar who then sent these weapons. Anyone remember the Obama administration’s first secret arms deal call “Fast and Furious?” This secret deal sent weapons to the Mexican drug cartels without the Mexican government’s knowledge. This administration has continued this illegal arms transaction.

So what have we learned since the Benghazi attack happened?

FACT #1: New York Times (a go-to for liberals) reported that the Obama administration had a secret arms deal that sent weapons to Qatar.

FACT #2: These weapons eventually made it to al-Qaeda linked Libyan rebels.

FACT #3: The CIA sent operatives in to locate the MPADs (shoulder-fired rockets). Were these part of the weapons sent from the Obama administration to Qatar that ended up in the hands of the al-Qaeda linked Libyan rebels?

FACT #4: Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice went on live television and blamed a video, that was on YouTube for over a year prior to the attack, for the attack. John Kerry, Obama’s Secretary of State, debunked all three of these claims under testimony.

FACT #5: Hillary committed perjury when she claimed she did not blame the video for the Benghazi attacks…despite it being on video. “I did not say … that it was about the video for Libya, it certainly was for many of the other places where we were watching these disturbances” Hillary stated.

FACT #6: An Obama political appointee, James Clapper, changed the talking points because they did not want those who voted for Obama to know the attack was linked to al-Qaeda because Mr. Obama stated, on several occasions, that he “had decimated al-Qaeda” and had them “on their heels.”

Clapper is the same idiot who didn’t know a thing about the 12 terrorist arrested in London or  the Christmas terror plots to bring down US-bound airliners.

FACT #7: CBS points out that the Obama administration refuses to release photographs of the Situation Room during the Benghazi attack but gladly released propaganda photographs of the bin Laden operation.

FACT #8: Sen. Diane Feinstein, a Democrat, backed up Gen. Petraeus’ claim that the White House edited the CIA talking points to hide the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

I could go on and on, but the Obama/Hillary idiots hate to read facts where presented to them by liberal sources. They will continue sticking their heads in the sand and use the “hear no evil, speak no evil, speak no evil” defense of Obama and Hillary. They do not care about the truth. They do not want to find out the truth. Thus the reason they continue to support and elect liars.

This is rich coming from Hillary Clinton (who claims she’s broke) who wants to blame Republicans for a law the Democrats passed without a single Republican vote or amendment.  The Democrats refused to read the law because it was “to complicated” as one Democrat put it. Nancy Pelosi said that they had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Then after passing the law, Obama promised a $2500 savings.

All lies and the dumb voters, as Prof. Gruber exposed. All who support this law, got ricked due to their ideology

From Bloomberg:

“We cannot afford to let Republicans stop the progress we’ve made and push further harmful cuts” to Medicare and other programs, Clinton says in statement.

Well, let’s us do a little fact-checking for Bill’s wife. The Democrats lied and stole $500 Billion from the Medicare Fund to pay for Obamacare. The Chief Actuary, Richard Foster, testified, in front of Congress, about how the Democrats were “double counting.” Some so-called “fact-checking” sites attempted to lie to American taxpayer but you can watch Obama answer Jake Tapper’s question with a “YES.”

(Liberals hate reading so I posted the video. Don’t believe your lying eyes folks)

There you go folks. Democrats stole at least $500 Billion (say claim it’s closer to $700 Billion) and now due to their inept law, Hillary want’s Republicans to fix the mess they created. People have to remember that Democrats have controlled 2/3rd of our government from 2007 – 2015. They controlled 3/3rd during Obama’s first two years but Democrats, like Hillary, wants their help now that they control 2/3rd.

So, now we have Hillary being the corrupt, lying politician we all have come to know and detest, blaming the party that didn’t pass Obamacare for Obamacare’s huge mistakes. They could have fixed it but decided to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling it Constitutional. Yes, they celebrate as the majority still hates the law.

Yay, Team Democrats.

Now seniors who have paid into the Medicare system their entire lives will see an increase in premiums. I’m sure that $2500 Obama promised would really help these seniors but the Democrats don’t care. They never fixed their healthcare law and still believed it’s working. Ask yourself, if it’s so great why has the law been changed and delayed over 50 times?

Democrats lied and Prof. Gruber admitted that Obama voters are too stupid to understand and admitted they skewed the numbers to pass this terrible law. Even hardcore Obama fluffer, Bill Maher, admitted Obama lied. But hey, Liberals continue to claim a superiority in intelligence over Conservatives but Conservatives knew this law was bogus from day one.

Let Hillary and her party fix it.

Well, here we go again folks. Our feckless President made his deal with the Devil (Iran) and got it thrown back in his face. So, Obama wants to give up on the sanctions and give Iran back billions which the President can’t guarantee they will not use this returned money for terrorist activities. Way to go you big Dummy:


From Reuters:

The United States has confirmed that Iran tested a medium-range missile capable of delivering a nuclear weapon, in “clear violation” of a United Nations Security Council ban on ballistic missile tests, a senior U.S. official said on Friday.

“The United States is deeply concerned about Iran’s recent ballistic missile launch,” the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said in a statement.

“After reviewing the available information, we can confirm that Iran launched on Oct. 10 a medium-range ballistic missile inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon,” she said. “This was a clear violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1929.”

So, will our feckless President issue another “red line” threat that exposed him as a coward or send his buddy, the Ayatollah, more secret love letters? This President has the worst foreign policy in our 239 year history. Obama has no interest is the US being a global leader as he tips his hat to our enemies and allows Russia to fight our battles.

Typical Obama, always leading from behind. It’s his history and pattern.

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