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So, what will Bill Clinton lie about tonight?

As we know, Democrats have been trotting out women killers (Ted Kennedy) and abusers (Bubba Clinton) as they tell the weak-minded O-bot how bad Republicans are in continuing their “war on women” myth. Will Clinton slip up and actually tell the truth? Highly unlikely.

I’m sure Bubba will attempt to claim that Obama is doing a fine job….just ignore the numbers and hope voters forget the numbers that have happened under Obama:

1) Higher unemployment. Bubba won’t mention this.

2) Record Deficits. Again, Bubba won’t touch this.

3) Record Debt. Nope, Bubba won’t go there.

4) Record poverty. Again, not a subject to be debated

5) Lower median household income. This will never come up.

6) Credit downgrade. Bubba  can’t go there.

Instead of focusing on Obamanomics, Bubba will talk about his economy and lie about it while taking full credit. He will attempt to trick voters into believe he and Obama share the same economic goals. Bubba will attack Republicans and totally not bring up the fact that Republicans controlled the House, Seanate and Bubba from 2004-2000.

Clinton can’t talk about Obama’s bipartisanship because he never had any or attempted to make it happen. Obama told Republicans from day one “I won” and “elections have consequences” as he told them to shut up and “sit in the backseat.” Clinton actually worked with Republicans to get things like budgets passed. Obama’s own party refused to give his budgets a single vote the past two years.

Clinton will lie and spin to make the faithful believe that Obama will turn the economy into the one Bubba had, but it won’t work. Obama now has a track record that isn’t successful. I’m sure Clinton will lie since he is notorious for lying to the American people. I can’t wait to hear the speech just so I can document the exact lies. It is pathetic that Obama can’t run on his economic record and has to have a perjurer make his case for him.

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Another Democrat trying to steal an election.

This is why Democrats are against voter ID laws.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – A Democratic state legislator from east Arkansas, his father and two campaign workers pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to commit election fraud after federal prosecutors said they bribed absentee voters and destroyed ballots in a special election last year.

Prosecutors said Democratic Rep. Hudson Hallum of Marion, Kent Hallum, Phillip Wayne Carter and Sam Malone acknowledged that they participated in a conspiracy to bribe voters to influence absentee votes in the Arkansas District 54 primary, runoff and general elections in 2011. The three were released pending a sentencing hearing.

“In a nation in which every person’s vote matters, protecting the integrity of the electoral process from those who seek to win office by cheating the system is critical,” U.S. Attorney Jane Duke said in a statement released by her office. “Voter fraud schemes such as that carried out in the 2011 District 54 race have the devastating effect of eroding public confidence in elected officials and disenfranchising voters.”

A Democratic Party spokeswoman said Hallum indicated he would step down from his seat, but officials had not received a formal resignation by Wednesday afternoon.

Hallum didn’t respond to phone messages from The Associated Press seeking comment, and Arkansas House officials said he hadn’t spoken with House Speaker Robert Moore. But in an email sent to other Democratic legislators, Hallum apologized for his actions.

“I took some bad advice that led to some bad decisions on my part. I am going to stand up and accept full responsibility for my actions,” Hallum wrote. “I am truly sorry because I know this news will have an effect on everyone’s upcoming race.”

Prosecutors said Hallum and his father, Kent, tasked Carter and Malone with obtaining absentee ballot applications for certain voters and assisting voters in filling out the ballots, “actually completing absentee ballots in some instances without regard to the voter’s actual candidate choice.”

Typical Democratic maneuver.

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The Democrats are the party of criminals, low-lifes and atheists. The Democrat Platform excluded God and omitted calling  Jerusalem the capital of Israel. After a firestorm, Obama had to step in and ask for these exclusions to be put into the party platform. You won’t see this on the Obama worshiping alphabet-media.

Does that sound like 2/3rds???

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So is the DOJ’s decision to sue South Carolina and Texas based strictly on race? YES

From NBC:

The Justice Department approved New Hampshire’s new voter ID, a version that is stricter than existing rules in the Granite State, but not as restrictive as other voters ID laws that the DOJ has rejected.’

Under New Hampshire’s previous rules, no ID was required as a condition of voting. Ballot clerks checked the names that voters announced at the polls, read back the addresses for verification, and handed over a ballot.

Under the state’s new law, voters must present a photo ID — a driver’s license, a voter ID card, a military ID card, a US passport, a student ID card, a photo ID issued by any level of government, and any other photo ID deemed legitimate by supervisors at the polls.

A year from now, the list of acceptable ID’s will be narrowed to a driver’s license, a non-driver ID card, military ID, or passport.  But voters unable to produce the required identification can sign an affidavit, attesting to their identity, and cast a regular ballot. Beginning next year, any voter doing so will also be photographed.

New Hampshire’s list of acceptable IDs as of 2013 is actually more restrictive than the set of IDs Texas would have accepted under that state’s voter ID law, which a federal court blocked last week.

So why the difference? It seems New Hampshire’s decision to also make it possible for voters without the proper ID to cast a regular ballot, provided they sign an affidavit and have their picture taken, allowed enough leeway.

Where did the DOJ’s “disenfranchise” claim go?  Surely those poor minorities in New Hampshire will be burden with obtaining an ID.

The Voting Rights Act requires federal approval for election law changes in states with a history of discrimination against minority voters.  Most of the states subject to the law are in the South.  New Hampshire’s change required approval because 10 townships in the state are covered by the act, even though the entire state is not.

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Obamanomics = trickle down poverty with less freedom!

From Cato:

Every year, I look forward to the annual releases of both Economic Freedom of the World and the Index of Economic Freedom. With their comprehensive rankings, these two publications enable interested parties to compare nations and see which countries are moving in the right direction.

As an American, I’m ashamed to say that these publications also show which nations are moving in the wrong direction. And the United States ranks poorly by this metric, having dropped from 3rd place to 10th place since 2000 according to Economic Freedom of the World.

The United States also has dropped to 10th place in the Index of Economic Freedom, and is now ranked only as a “mostly free” nation.

Some people dismiss these pieces of data because the two rankings are considered to reflect a pro-free market bias.

But the folks at the World Economic Forum surely can’t be pigeonholed as a bunch of small-government libertarians, and the WEF’s Global Competitiveness Report shows the same trend.

The United States took the top spot in the WEF’s Global Competitiveness Index as recently as 2007 and 2008, but then dropped to 2nd place in 2009.

I think Bush bears the full blame for that unfortunate development. But the decline has continued in recent years, and Obama deserves a good part of the blame for the drop to 4th place in 2010.

Blame Bush for 2009? Obama was president in 2009! We were #1 in 2007 & 2008 during Bush’s so called “Great Recession.”

The United States then fell to 5th place last year, in part because of horrible scores for “Wastefulness of Government Spending” (68th place) and “Burden of Government Regulation” (49th place).

Given this dismal trend, I opened the just-released 2012 Report with considerable trepidation. And my fears were justified. The United States has now dropped to 7th place.

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They all worked together to screw US taxpayers and the Democrats helped with Obama signing it into law.

From ZeroHedge:

That the SEC is the most incompetent, corrupt, irrelevant and captured organization “serving” the US public is known by everyone. And while the details of the SEC’s glaring lack of capacity to do anythingto restore investor confidence in the capital markets, which has become a casino used exclusively by Wall Street to defraud any retail investor still stupid enough to play (which lately a moot point as there have been no material retail inflows into mutual funds in over three years), are scattered, courtesy of Bloomberg we now have the best summary of just how the utterly clueless SEC is a muppet plaything of Wall Street, and together with it, the “grand regulation” that was supposed to keep Wall Street in check, is nothing but what Wall Street demand it to be, and forced the SEC, way over its head on regulation, to accept every change, that the very banks that are supposed to be regulated, demands as part of Dodd-Frank reforms. In short: everything we know about Wall Street ‘regulation’ has been a farce, and a lie, exclusively thanks to corruption rampant at the now documentedly incompetent Securities And Exchange Commission.

Bloomberg has the smoking gun.

It had been two days since U.S. lawmakers negotiated all night to finish rules that would reshape the business of Wall Street. The 20-hour session left legislators, aides, lobbyists and regulators exhausted. Almost no one had a grip on all the details.

Then Annette Nazareth stepped in. That Sunday morning, she e-mailed a dozen Securities and Exchange Commission officials about the bill that would become the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank Act.

Who is Annette Nazareth?

Nazareth, herself a former SEC commissioner, represents the biggest banks and securities firms as a partner in the Washington office of Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP. She attached an annotated copy of the measure to her June 27, 2010, e-mail, marking changes made during the wee hours. It could be an invaluable tool for an agency hard-pressed to analyze the bill on a tight deadline.

Nazareth was the good Wall Street funded Samaritan that stepped into bail out the SEC in its moment of need.

In case you would find it helpful,” Nazareth wrote to the group, many of them ex-colleagues.

Two hours later, SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro responded: “Thanks. We have our work cut out for us.”

And who is Davis Polk:

With Nazareth on board, Davis Polk was hired as outside counsel on Dodd-Frank by the six largest U.S. banks and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the Wall Street trade group, according to the law firm’s website. The firm also performed work for foreign lenders including Credit Suisse Group AG (CS) and Deutsche Bank AG.

As for Dodd Frank it needs no introduction: it is the Wall Street sponsored abortion that assures nothing has changed on the TBTF front, that banks can do whatever they wish, and that the SEC is powerless to intervene even when necessary. As Elliott management said, Dodd Frank is the one piece of legislation that has assured the Lehman failure was merely an appetizer to the main course when massively undercatpitalized banks will be tumbling like dominoes in a centrally-planned world.

How did Bloomberg get its information:

Nazareth’s e-mails to Schapiro and then-SEC General Counsel and Senior Policy Director David Becker, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Bloomberg News, demonstrate how lobbyists and lawyers draw on bonds they formed in government service to gain access for clients, and how they work to maintain those ties.

Everyone knows about the SEC’s revolving door policy where former SEC workers go to Wall Street to aid and abet their clients to skirt the law, and avoid SEC entangements. It is rare however to see a double revolving door participant such as Nazareth:

Officials routinely leave federal agencies, Congress and the White House to work for the industries they once supervised. While that path is well-trod and legal — with some time restrictions — it still provokes handwringing in Washington. Nazareth’s communications provide an inside look at what happens when the revolving door spins.

Nazareth, 56, declined to discuss specific e-mails. She said that people like herself who have worked for both sides are valuable because they can “better translate to their clients” what the SEC is trying to achieve.

“It’s unfortunate where we are in an environment now where everybody thinks that is nefarious,” Nazareth said.

Nazareth added that she “absolutely” doesn’t get favorable treatment.

“I am not batting a thousand, let’s put it that way,” she said. “And I respect that.”

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Hard to defend huh lefties?

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