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We all know the liberal media isn’t going to report the truth. Thankfully most of us know the numbers don’t lie.

From ZeroHedge:

Today’s reported unemployment rate: 8.1%. The reason: the labor “participation” dropped to a 31 year low 63.5% as reported earlier. Of course, this number is pure propaganda, and makes no sense for one simple reason: despite the economic collapse started in December 2007, the US civilian non-institutional population since then has grown by 186,000 people every month on average hitting an all time high of 243,566,000 in August. These people need a job, and the traditional shorthand is that at least 100,000 jobs have the be generated every month for the unemployment rate to merely stay flat, let along improve. So what does one get when one uses the long-term average of the past 30 or so years which happens to be 65.8%? One gets an unemployment number that is 45% higher than the reported 8.1%, or 11.7%. That is what the real unemployment rate is assuming the US labor participation rate was realistic and not manipulated by the BLS cronies and the Bank of Spain assisted Arima-X-13 seasonal adjustment models. It also means that, as the chart below shows, the spread between the real and propaganda data hit an all time record, which was to be expected two months ahead of America’s banker muppet presidential election.

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6% Bush unemployment = bad. 8% plus over his entire presidency= recovery! LMAO @ hope and change!

H/T to SooperMexican

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To think what would come out if the liberal media actually vetted this douche-nozzle before helping him get elected by covering this information up.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A previously unheard 1994 lecture by a young Barack Obama offers a new glimpse of his days as a up-and-coming, liberal Illinois politician.

The recording, given to BuzzFeed by a Republican source, comes from a lecture on the nature of community values he delivered at Nebraska Wesleyan University on September 9, 1994.

Wonder why the liberal media couldn’t locate the tape? More of that “investigative journalism” had to be done by Republican source.

Obama told the students in Lincoln, Neb. that “values are dynamic,”and he dismissed appeals from everyone from Bill Clinton to Dan Quayle to “static” or “Ozzie and Harriet” values. Obama suggested those values — “The wife is at home, she’s not working, Dad’s got his 9 to 5, there are no African-Americans in these family values.” — were woefully out of date.

So, Obama believes African-American have different values than others? Sounds racist when you generalize an entire group and give them stereotypes. I guess Rev. Wright taught his disciple well on racism.

Obama argued that the talk of values was empty without social action, and without a vigorous government role: “It’s not easy to live up to your ideals, it requires sacrifice. It may require taxes on the part of the society. It may require that you go without certain luxuries that you become accustomed to.”

Taxes to help values? Sounds like more of that redistribution of wealth blather Obama always talks about. Punishing those evil, rich white folk should make black communities better in Obama’s world. This is liberalism in a nutshell.

“There’s no discussion of poverty in these values,” Obama said. “There’s not much talk about a nuclear arms race that was taking place on the television programs,” he said. “So the notion is that we can somehow return to that time and recapture those values without acknowledging all the things that were left out. Well, that’s not the case.”

Despite this, Obama still became a Democrat. Liberal Hollywood, like most liberals in the 50’s & 60’s, were racists and didn’t stand up for civil rights for blacks. Wonder why Obama never speaks out about the record poverty that is happening under his presidency?

Obama also offered students an early glimpse of his own story, one that he said he would be putting in a memoir whose working title he gave as “Mixing Blood: Stories of Inheritance.” (It was published the next year as “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.”)

Like most liberals, race is the only topic Obama seems to have issues with.

“When I was your age, I was an angry young man who thought that I had all kinds of values,” Obama recounts. “I was a leader of student protest and I wore [inaudible] and had a big afro. And when I look at pictures of the time I’m always a little embarrassed. You know I would read philosophers like Sarte.”

Sounds like present day Obama who creates a mess for others to clean up them blame everyone else.

Obama goes on to recount trashing a university dorm room and leaving a mess for the cleaning staff in a effort to describe his only failures to practice what he preached.

Most liberals suffer from hypocrisy.

The recording gives a glimpse of Obama before he began calibrating his political positions to a statewide and then national audience, a journey that moved him right on a range of issues including marriage — he endorsed same-sex marriage, and then opposed it, before endorsing it again this year.

Obama has flip-flopped on many issues. Nothing unusual for a fraud who has hid most of his history.

In the 1994 recording, Obama speaks derisively of the “values” articulated by leading Democratic figures like Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson.

You know Obama is a radical when he is to the left of the adulterers Bubba and Jackson

“Values have made a comeback,” Obama is heard saying . “Dan Quayle talks about values. He talks about Murphy Brown and her lack of values. Bill Clinton talks about values. Jesse Jackson talks about values. So we have values all over the place. Politicians really like values now. Part of the reason for that is values are cheap, at least the way they talk about them. You don’t have to pay any money or tax anybody to talk about values. Family values, American values, values.”

“First as I said I think values are dynamic. Part of the reason I don’t trust Dan Quayle talking about values and I often don’t trust Bill Clinton talking about values is they tend to have a static notion of values. Dan Quayle talks about values in terms of Ozzie and Harriet values.

…[A]nd my wife who is an attorney, she likes to watch old TV re-runs and so she watches the Dick Van Dyke Show and Ozzie and Harriet and things like that.

I’m always struck by values that are embodied in these television shows which I think are the values that people have in mind when they talk about return to American values. The wife is at home, she’s not working, Dad’s got his 9 to 5, there are no African-Americans in these family values. There’s no discussion of poverty in these values. There’s not much talk about a nuclear arms race that was taking place on the television programs. So the notion is that we can somehow return to that time and recapture those values without acknowledging all the things that were left out. Well, that’s not the case.”

Today, in Obama’s world, both Dad and Mom are unemployed, living in poverty and surviving off of 99 weeks of unemployment checks and like 49.6 million American, they are on food stamps during his “economic recovery.”

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What else is new for an empty chair president? Guess those $40,000 a plate fundraisers and golfing stopped him from obeying a law he signed into law?

From ABC News:

White House officials today acknowledged that they had not met the deadline to outline how the president would make the defense cuts required by law to be made because of the failure of the bipartisan, poorly-named Super-committee to agree on $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over the next ten years.

Because of the failure of the Super-committee, a self-imposed sword of Damocles will fall, requiring $1.2 trillion in spending cuts that neither Democrats nor Republicans desire, specifically $109 billion from Pentagon and domestic spending in just the next year.

In the fine Washington tradition of never giving anything a name that makes sense to anyone outside the 202 area code, these cuts are called the “sequester.”

One month ago, the president signed the “Sequestration Transparency Act,” a law that imposed upon him a 30 day deadline to outline what Pentagon spending will be cut. That deadline was last night.

White House press secretary Jay Carney today said White House officials would hand in their assignment next week.

In a statement, Sen. John Thune, R-SD, author of the bill said that “Americans of all stripes are required to play by the rules and follow the laws of the land. Unfortunately, by disregarding the sequestration reporting deadline, the Obama Administration seems to think it is above the law. The American people deserve to know the president’s plan for implementing these cuts, some of which our military leaders have said will compromise our nation’s ability to protect itself. Every day that the administration delays being transparent with the American people on the sequester moves us one day closer to going over the fiscal cliff.”

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Mr. Transparency isn’t so transparent.

From Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch has been aggressively investigating the Obama administration’s corrupt deal to send $531 million in federal loans to the green energy boondoggle Solyndra, which is now bankrupt. In fact, we are in court right now fighting the Obama administration for the release of documents.

And last Friday we earned a court victory when a federal judge refused to allow the Obama Energy Department to wriggle off the hook. According to Politico:

A federal judge has rejected a bid by the Obama administration to reject part of a lawsuit seeking documents about more than $500 million in federal loans to the failed Solyndra solar panel firm.

In an order issued Friday (August 31), U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras declined to remove the Department of Energy as a defendant in the case brought by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

The ruling (posted here) turned largely on technicalities relating to the steps one must take before filing a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The Department of Energy attempted to advance the argument that Judicial Watch’s lawsuit was premature because JW had not exhausted all administrative remedies before filing suit. The court was not persuaded, and the case moves forward.  This type of gamesmanship only serves to delay the release of documents and further exposes the lie of this administration being the “most transparent in history.”

I can certainly see why the Department of Energy continues to obfuscate and stonewall. From what we know right now about this loan, it is flagrantly corrupt.

For example, we had previously learned that Obama White House officials rushed the Solyndra loan through the approval process to make a media splash at a press event: “The Obama White House tried to rush federal reviewers for a decision on a nearly half-billion-dollar loan to the solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra so Vice President Biden could announce the approval at a September 2009 groundbreaking for the company’s factory,” The Washington Post reported.

We also know that Tulsa billionaire and Obama fundraiser George Kaiser is Solyndra’s top financial backer. (Kaiser reportedly raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.) And we know that Kaiser reportedly discussed the Solyndra deal with White House officials, despite their claims to the contrary.

There is something else potentially very damaging to Obama Energy Department officials:  A Solyndra investment advisor noted in an email obtained by The Washington Post that the Obama administration was “pushing hard” to delay the company’s bankruptcy announcement until after the November 2, 2010, mid-term elections. (I’d include the link to the original article, but it is now broken.) Solyndra apparently complied, announcing the layoffs on November 3. Evidence suggests the company feared getting cut off from future government funding.

Sounds like extortion, doesn’t it?

And while the Energy Department attempts to run and hide from Judicial Watch, apparently, Solyndra executives attending the Democratic National Convention are playing a little hide and seek of their own. Per ABC News:

The Obama campaign rolled out the red carpet this week for a former top Energy Department official who was at the center of the ill-fated government loan to Solyndra, a California solar panel firm that wound up in bankruptcy.

Steven J. Spinner joined other top fundraisers for a VIP tour of the Democratic National Convention floor in Charlotte Monday evening, posing and waving for a photographer while standing behind the podium. When he saw ABC News cameras, however, he ran for the exit.

The Solyndra deal was rotten from the beginning, tainted by corruption, political maneuvering, stonewalling, lying and quite possibly extortion. But what else are we to expect when the government gets involved in subsidizing and bailing out corporations?  By the way, don’t think that these types of bailouts and subsidies will end if Obama is no longer president.  Republicans have their own set of companies and favored interests on which to waste your tax money.

Obama administration officials may want to run and hide from the rule of law, but we continue in hot pursuit in the courts.

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I’ve been harping about how “the numbers don’t lie” every since Team Obama gave us those fraudulent “saved or created” jobs numbers. Clinton wants voters to think that giving Obama 4 more years will lead to economic prosperity and a utopia of “hope and change.” Let’s look at the numbers Obama has compile during his presidency. It is, after all, in the arithmetic as Clinton boldly claimed.



23 million Americans are out of work, have stopped looking for work, or are underemployed with a 30-year low in labor force participation rate.


More Americans living in poverty under Obama’s presidency.
$16 trillion national debt (that’s $50,000 for every American). $6 trillion from Obama’s presidency alone.


43 straight months of 8% or higher unemployment which has led to the worst economic recovery in US history.


4 straight trillion dollar budget deficits in a row — more than any other president combined. Democrats refused to give Obama’s budgets a single vote.


Lower median household income. Americans are taking home less under Obama’s “recovery” than they did during Bush’s recession.


Record number of Americans on food stamps under Obama.


As you can see, their numbers don’t add up! This is the path of “prosperity” Clinton and Obama believe we are on.



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Keeping kids stupid = liberal education system

Wish I knew this before I paid my way through college.

(CNSNews.com) – Helping millions of students pay for higher education is a “shared responsibility,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a recent webcast with reporters.

“The federal government can’t do this alone. This is a shared responsibility,” Duncan said on Aug. 24 in response to the following question from CNSNews.com: “What is Secretary Duncan doing to lower the cost of higher education and relieve the burdens of student debt?”

Duncan said states must “continue to invest, and universities need to do a better job of keeping down costs and building cultures that are not just about access, but are about completion, too.”

(President Obama echoed the “shared responsibility” theme in his speech to the Democratic National Convention Thursday night. “Government has a role in this [education],” Obama said. “But teachers must inspire; principals must lead; parents must instill a thirst for learning, and students, you’ve got to do the work. And together, I promise you – we can out-educate and out-compete any country on Earth.”)

Should point out that Arne Duncan is the same guy who was over the Chicago School System and like Obama, Duncan want to end “No Child Left Behind Law” because it shows that 82% of public schools are failing. They only want to keep children dumb in order for them to have future Democrats. That’s why, through executive order, Obama is granting waivers for states to avoid the law truth.

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