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Nothing unusual consider how the Obama regime has used documented intimidation. Anyone remember Obama calling over CBO Director Doug Elmendorf to “talk” about ObamaCare? Recently, emails show David Axelrod attacking Pew Research for their polls that did favor Team Obama and soon after his complaints, the DOJ started an investigation. So, intimidation is nothing knew from any department in Obama’s administration.

David Codrea reports, Via The Examiner:

An undated internal “Quick Hits” problem identification analysis forwarded to Gun Rights Examiner by an insider source yesterday points to “poor management,” an “unfair disciplinary system” that includes “retaliation,” and “ethical violations” from the Chief Counsel’s office among the issues requiring management resolution.

The document, represented by the source as the result of meetings between Deputy Director Thomas E. Brandon and a “working group” that took place earlier this year, accuses Counsel of “inhibit[ing] leaders from doing the right thing” by having “too much involvement in all bureau processes,” and among its solutions recommends “Do not tolerate ethical violations from Counsel” and “Establish transparency wherein counsel cannot mask activities, records, etc. with ‘privilege.’”

“Poor management has killed morale,” the document admits, recommending that the concern that “management takes care of management” requires the bureau “Punish managers commensurate with their level of responsibility…higher position + intentional malfeasance = greater discipline and accountability.”

Among related problems specified were an “unfair disciplinary system…disparity of discipline between management,” and, significantly, “retaliations.”

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More fraud from the DNC exposed.

From Breitbart:

Democrats are pretending that flaws in their party’s platform, which excluded much pro-Israel language and any reference to God, are the result of “technical oversight.” The truth is that the Democrats’ draft platform was the result of a meticulous processhandled by Newark mayor Cory Booker, and passed unanimously on August 11th.

Booker insisted that the platform be perfected in all its details, asking the platform committee for “an all-encompassing resolution, ensuring that this is a grammatically tight document.” No oversights were noted.

“There was almost no debate, and very little rancor,” observed National Public Radio reporter Sonari Glinton, who covered the passage of the Democratic platform that weekend. He had to dig deep into history to find the last times that a party platform had caused significant controversy, citing the inclusion of a pro-life plank in the Republican platform in 1984, and battles over racial segregation in the Democratic Party platform in 1948.

“There were very few big deals in the platform,” Glinton said, adding that “what was supposed to be an eight-hour day ended in just over three hours.” Neither he nor anyone else mentioned the changes on God and Israel.

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If you guess the “religion of peace” you are so correct.


A Nashville woman is accused of making terroristic threats to her co-workers in south Nashville.

Amal Ahmed Abdullahi, 29, is charged with attempted terrorism after police said she made a series of statements, including that her work place is full of non-believers, she was ready to die for Allah and she should pick up a gun and shoot everyone.

A co-worker who overheard Abdullahi’s statements while working at CEVA Logistics in the Dell facility reported the incident to a superior, and police later began an investigation.

During an interview with detectives, Abdullahi said she remembered having a discussion of a religious nature with a co-worker, police said.

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Liberals sucking up to liberals that are already in their pocket?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — President Obama doesn’t really need to suck up to the media, but Democrats here are taking no chances.

The Fourth Estate’s finest, here to cover the Democratic National Convention, were treated to speeding-motorcade-style police escorts to a welcome bash hosted by the owners of the network Republicans love to hate: CNN.

About a half-dozen police motorcycles and cruisers, with flashing lights and sirens blaring, led the way for a convoy of buses carrying reporters, photographers and others to the North Carolina Music Factory, site of the bash sponsored by Time Warner. The escorts then took the media back to Charlotte’s convention center.

Police actually blocked traffic on several streets to let the buses speed by, as frustrated motorists probably thought a party bigwig was delaying them.

Even some in the Obama-friendly media appeared to be taken aback.

“Everyone was looking around, wondering what’s going on,” said one political operative who was riding in the bus convoy.

The Truth Squad took a pass on the escort, taking our rental car to the party, which featured obscure cover bands such as Liquid Blue, fronted by three singers wearing skintight clothes and an aging Eddie Money look-alike.

So, who ordered the escorts and who paid for them?

A Charlotte police spokesman said he would look into who funded the escorts, but never got back to the Herald. The city is getting a $50 million federal grant to help pay for security costs, and the city manager has special powers to order police to secure an area for an “extraordinary event.” A Democratic National Convention official also said he couldn’t provide any information about the escort.

Republicans in Tampa did not throw a separate bash for the media, and reporters there definitely did not get speeding police escorts, which could explain some of the negative coverage coming out of the convention.

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