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Notice the pattern of deceitfulness from those Obama surrounds himself with. Lew actually testified, under oath, that Obama’s budget WOULDN’T add to the national debt. This administration has no problems with lying. None at all.

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But, but, but Obama told all his low-information voters that Super PACs were evil…but only if Republicans use them.

Washington (CNN– President Barack Obama’s campaign operation is about to be fired back up just a few months after helping him win a second term with a new mission to assist the president in promoting his top legislative goals and progressive issues.

Senior Obama campaign aides are currently working on the specifics of how to restructure Obama for America, but are considering several different options such as converting it to a 501c4 or perhaps a super PAC, a source familiar with the campaign said.

The new campaign organization will be headed by Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager who oversaw the president’s victory over Republican Mitt Romney in November. Messina, Stephanie Cutter, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and several other top Obama aides are working out the details.

“After the election, it was clear from the conversations with supporters that they wanted to continue the progress we made in the first four years and continue it together,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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Just more money rewarding those who voted for Obama.

From WFB:

A bankrupt Massachusetts solar company that received more than $30 million in state funds continues to cost taxpayers money in the form of special unemployment assistance from the Department of Labor, according to a Wednesday press release.

Labor announced a $408,403 National Emergency Grant increment for continued assistance to roughly 320 workers affected by the 2011 closure of Evergreen Solar Inc.

This latest block of aid brings the total funds awarded for the project to $738,179.

“The former workers of Evergreen Solar continue to face significant obstacles in finding good jobs in their region,” Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis said in a statement. “This funding will make it possible for these workers to receive training and reemployment services to help them find good jobs.”

Evergreen Solar received an estimated $31 million in state funding from the administration of Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Massachusetts taxpayers were left on the hook for nearly $10 million of that aid when the company went bankrupt and laid off roughly 800 employees.

The affected Evergreen workers are also receiving Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) benefits, according to the Labor Department press release.

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The real “war on women, minorities” is Obamanomics. 47% of us know Obama’s a fraud who says one thing and does the opposite. Too bad 53% were too stupid to see the truth.

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irs obamacare

Remember, lefties say this isn’t government-run healthcare and it’s not a tax..even though the government is setting the rules and the IRS is enforcing it.

(CNSNews.com) – The Internal Revenue Service warned employers in a new regulatory proposal not to come up with clever schemes to avoid Obamacare’s employer health insurance mandate.

The IRS said it would soon issue “anti-abuse rules” to discourage employers from taking advantage of any regulatory loopholes.

“The Treasury Department and the IRS are aware of various structures being considered under which employers might use temporary staffing agencies (or other staffing agencies)… to evade application of section 4980H [the employer insurance mandate],” the IRS said in a proposed regulatory announcement issued December 28.

The IRS said it would issue a so-called “anti-abuse rule” in an attempt to prevent employers from using temp agencies to circumvent the mandate, essentially writing into law that even though an employer hires temporary workers and therefore is not technically under the mandate’s jurisdiction, the IRS would fine them anyway for not providing health insurance.

“It is anticipated that the final regulations will contain an anti-abuse rule,” the agency said. “Under that anticipated rule, if an individual performs services as an employee of an employer, and also performs the same or similar services for that employer in the individual’s purported employment at a temporary staffing agency or other staffing agency of which the employer is a client, then all the hours of service are attributed to the employer for purposes of applying section 4980H.”

In other words, if an employer hires someone part-time, then uses an employment agency to bring the same person on for a second part-time shift, the IRS will still hold the employer liable under the ObamaCare mandate.

Similarly, IRS said that if an employer hires the same person for two part-time stints by using two different employment agencies, it will hold either the employer or one of the employment agencies liable for the mandate’s penalties.

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