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The liberal elites only want armed security for themselves and their families as our children have to go to “gun-free” zones with no protection.

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This is why you must READ a fucking law before passing it. Liberals are idiots.

NEW YORK (WABC) — A troubling oversight has been found within New York State’s sweeping new gun laws.

The ban on having high-capacity magazines, as it’s written, would also include law enforcement officers.

Magazines with more than seven rounds will be illegal under the new law when that part takes effect in March.

As the statute is currently written, it does not exempt law enforcement officers.

Nearly every law enforcement agency in the state carries hand guns that have a 15 round capacity.

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The media has an agenda to push and that is the agenda of Obama and the far-left gun grabbers. All ran to the cameras to blame “assault weapons” in order to gin up fear among the low-information Americans. A month after the murders we finally learn that the evil “assault rifle” blamed for the killings didn’t do it at all. Looks like Adam Lanza used handguns to commit his numerous felonies.

From IJReview:

Pete Williams, who is NBC’s chief Justice correspondent, reported the following in the video posted above:

This continues to be a very complex investigation and there is a lot of contradictory information out there, but we have some new information this morning (one month ago) from a couple of federal officials and state officials.

They say now that there were actuallyfour handguns inside the school, not just two as we were initially told. Four handguns and apparently onlyhandguns that were taken into the school.

We knew that Adam Lanza, the man said to be the gunman here, also had an ‘assault-style’ AR-15 -style rifle that he had had taken to the school, it was in the car he drove there, his mother’s car, but we have been told by several officials that he had left that in the car.

If you watch the video you will see the police breaking into the trunk of the car Lanza stole from his mother and drove to the school. The video shows an officer clearing a long gun (probably a shotgun) that was not an AR-15 “assault rifle.” The media lied and did so to push Obama’s gun-grabbing agenda. Left-wing nuts and their propaganda pushing media have a known history of lying to disarm citizens.

Please post this all over the internet. Post it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media outlet. It’s time to show Americans why they can’t trust the left-wing media outlets.


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To bad inexperienced left-wing gun-grabber don’t understand this fact.

From NYPost:

New York’s new law limiting the number of bullets in semiautomatic rifle magazines won’t stop determined mass killers, firearms experts said yesterday.

It takes six to eight seconds to fire off a 30-round magazine like that used in the Newtown killings, said Joseph Green, a retired firearms instructor and agent of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

A well-trained shooter would need roughly 13.5 to 22 seconds to fire off the same number of bullets with six magazines of five rounds each, which are legal in New York.

A shooter needs 1.5 seconds to swap out each cartridge, and each five-round cartridge takes one to two seconds to shoot.

Killers facing stressful situations — such as a lot of screaming people — might need a bit more time to swap cartridges, Green said.

But he and other experts say swapping magazines means just a minor delay for determined mass killers.

“It’s not difficult for someone proficient to change magazines. It will take you a few more seconds, nothing longer,” said John Cerar, a retired NYPD deputy inspector and former head of the firearms-training unit.

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Good job Journal News.

From Newsday:

Two handguns and two pistol permits were stolen from the New City home of a man whose name and address are listed on the website of a local newspaper as possessing gun permits, police said.

The thieves ransacked the house Wednesday night, breaking into two safes on the home’s third floor and stealing a third safe. The guns were in the stolen safe, police said.

Clarkstown police said they had no evidence the burglary was connected to the controversial map.

They have no evidence that it wasn’t either.

“The burglary is still under investigation and there are no facts to support this correlation at this time,” Clarkstown Sgt. Joanne Fratianni said in a statement. “If the investigation develops further information, it will be released accordingly.”

Family members at the burglarized home refused to speak Thursday and police are keeping reporters off the property on the quiet suburban street.

The burglary comes less than a week after a White Plains homeowner who, too, was listed on the Journal News website as having gun permits, arrived home to find his home burglarized with jewelry missing and an attempted break-in of his gun safe. The thieves were not successful and no guns were stolen.

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Shhh, the media and left-wing gun grabbers don’t want this out in public.

From PJ Tatler:

So, for everyone who feels that guns are “a scourge on society,”  they should probably take note that firearms accounted for less than one half of one percent of all deaths in 2011.  I’m not trying to trivialize anyone’s suffering since death, in any instance, is tragic.  However, we have a political class that is dead set in abolishing the Second Amendment.  We’ve all heard the figures.  Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine features a segment where he reads the butcher’s bill for gun crimes in Europe and Asia, which he then compares to the awful United States.  Yes, it’s high.  However, it’s hardly enough to push for radical new gun laws.  AWR Hawkins at Breitbart wrote yesterday that:

…in 2011, the total number of gun-related deaths was 8,583.

Taken by itself, out of context, that number seems overwhelming. But taken in the context of overall deaths in America from–including natural causes–that number represents only .34 percent of all deaths for that year.

In other words, the percentage of deaths that were gun-related in 2011 does not even equal half of one percent of the 2,513,171 overall deaths for that year.

And if you really want to see how exaggerated the current anti-”assault rifle” rhetoric is, just look at 2011 numbers for the percentage of rifle-related deaths.

That figure is .012 percent of the overall deaths in America in 2011.

Meanwhile, the percentage of overall deaths that were the result of falling off things like rocks and ladders was 1 percent, or nearly three times the percentage of deaths that were gun-related: 26,631 versus 8,583.

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